Busy Little (Wedding) Bee

It has been a while since I posted! Brian and I pushed our wedding from early fall to late summer and I have been busy making decisions. A wedding is really hard to plan, FYI! Some decisions I have been second guessing myself, but the thing I know and  certain of, is our wedding will be relaxed. No suits required at our wedding! It will be too damn hot!

Brian and I have picked a location, a menu, a live band, and many other major tasks. I designed our wedding website, working on the paper invites, and searching for an officiant to tie us together. With all the major decisions made, Brian and I can finally enjoy our engagement...well maybe after I get the invites out in the mail! We are almost home free.

Oh ya. The photo above is one of the vintage postcards of Salida, CO. I have been searching eBay daily gathering vintage Colorado postcards to include in our invitations as RSVPs.

Photo credit: Robert Mach

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  1. I can't wait to see your invites! Decisions about weddings are so difficult, but just try to go on one route and stick with it. The ability to say no to things will save you a lot of headache and confusion in the long run! :)


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